Adam Swisher


Adam has worked with Cross & Crown for over 3 years, with over 5 years of experience in the graphic design industry. He specializes in web and new media, capturing a client’s vision and style to make their concept a reality.

The first website Adam created with Cross & Crown, for C&C Coffee, was featured on multiple “design showcases” websites and recognized as “trendsetting.” His most rewarding work, however, comes from helping non-profit organizations, like Food for the Hungry. Adam holds an Art Degree from Shippensburg University and his passion for the field leads him to constantly pursue trends in design, software, and creative solutions for clients.

Adam lives in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania with his wife Andrea. Their love for music and worship is shared every week with the congregation at Chambersburg First Church of God, where they are part of the United Worship Experience.

Adam Swisher

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